Why? Why a Rubik Cube?

Sometimes I meet people who don’t know what a rubik cube is. This makes me feel sad and old. These people obviously weren’t born in the 80s. Saying that, I didn’t have a rubix cube in the 80s. I was very young and didn’t really have the fine motor or cognitive skills to understand a rubik cube. By the time I was old enough to reach out and grasp a rubik cube I was too busy attempting to reach out and grasp Take That tapes. I almost said ‘CDs’ then, but we didn’t have CDs in the early 90s. We had Take That on tape, which was better for the alliteration.

Sometimes I meet people who understand what a rubik cube is but they are unsure why any civilisation would decide to build a rubik cube big enough to create a society inside. These people deserve more of my time than those who can’t even wiki a reference to rubik cube before they ask me the question.

I shall offer you some words of explanation, two words, in fact. ‘Global’ and ‘Warming’. I will extend this two word explanation with some actual words of explanation. We really screwed up the Earth. So, as you will know from your history book, we decided to create bio-domes that would sustain life on the planet.*1

Most of these bio-domes were very dull. This made people sad.*2 And so those of us who thought a bio-dome should be more interesting than just a clear plastic half circle designed and created the Rubik Cube of Mim! There was a debate*3 over whether we should create a completed Rubik Cube or one in a state of disorder and mayhem. We decided on a completed Cube. Not because we were saying that we were perfect or that by living in the Cube we had found perfection but as a statement of intent. A statement of our desire to reach perfect. One day, we would all be completed Rubik Cubes.

*1 There were a number of sci-fi freaks who insisted on building star ships and leaving the planet but most of them got stuck on the moon.

*2 Well, not all people. Just the right amount of people do actually do something about it without it becoming too expensive.

*3 Read ‘argument/fight/all out war’


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