What history records

There are some events that people know as soon as they happen that they are going to change the course of history. The sort of events people automatically record where they are; events such as the original moon landing and the more important, second moon landing in 2032; events such as the deaths of famous people. Those events that you know, instinctively, that people are going to ask you ‘Where were you? Where were you when it happened?’

There are other events that just pass you by. No one remembers where they were when in happened. In fact, it takes years of research to pinpoint that one event as the beginning of that particular line of history.

So let me ask you where were you when the NHS died? Do you remember that event? When people ask you, will you even know when it happened?

I suppose its like asking people ‘Where were you when the war began?’ Most people will tell you where they were when they heard of the war, when the war began to affect their lives but where were you when it actually began? Probably doing the same things that you did every day. Probably doing whatever you did today.


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