Some people ask what we believe inside the cube. And the answer is simply that we believe in colourful, happy, random people who are perfect in their imperfection. If pushed we will say that we have faith in a deity – a deity who appreciates our imperfections and works alongside us as we attempt perfection. A deity who has a map of how the rubik cube can be made perfect and sends out one step at a time for us to try and follow. Of course, there are times when we think that the step we have been sent doesn’t make sense, or we think that we have a better plan and so we ignore the step. This normally doesn’t work and we end up having to take a few steps backwards before we can get where we were meant to go again.

I remember a story, along time ago now, in the spring of 2012 that 45% of children didn’t know the Lord’s Prayer compared to 1/10 children back in the 70s. The first thing I liked about this story was the mixture of percentages and fractions. Personally, I would’ve gone all fractions because saying ‘four and a half children’ is a lot more fun than saying 45% of children.

The second thing I thought was good. I’m glad that children are no longer being taught to memorise the Lord’s Prayer. I don’t think it was ever intended to be memorised. Jesus gave it to his followers as an example of how to pray. An example. We don’t teach children to memorise examples, we teach children to apply the general rule demonstrated by the example to their own lives. So when Jesus gave us the Lord’s Prayer I don’t think he ever meant children or anyone to memorise and recite it in the way that it has been used.

I’m sure that there have been many sermons preached about the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer. It’s a good subject to shed some understanding about. The prayer reminds us that God is our father, that his will is done in heaven and reminds us that we should do his will here on earth. We pray for God’s kingdom to be established and we pray for our needs, we ask for forgiveness and we are reminded to forgive others and then we ask for help. It is an excellent example.

Let’s try not to forget excellent examples.


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