When new people join the cube they have some very strange expectations. As if by just moving our of their dome and into the cube they will magically become new people. As if some transformation occurs as they cross through the air locks.

New people are often surprised that they act in the same way in the cube that they did outside of the cube. There is no magical transformation. Becoming perfect is a long process and it is unlikely to happen within a lifetime. We believe that it is the journey not the destination that is the important thing. We know what we are striving for, we know what we are working for, we know where our hope comes from.

It is important to know what you expect from situations. Having unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment and bitterness.

There are many people who didn’t and still don’t understand the mission Jesus had. Back on the first Palm Sunday people expected him to led a revolution against the occupying force but he didn’t do that. People expected him to free them from their current situation but he didn’t do that. People still expect him to save them from their current situations. They expect him to make it so that their relatives never die, that they win the lottery, that their live becomes easy and then people are disappointed when these things don’t happen. They become bitter and lose hope with what they believe in.

People think that because the thing that they expected didn’t happen, it means that they are no being listened to, that they are being ignored but life is like the rubik cube that we have decided to live in. Sometimes things look more muddled before they become clearer. Things look as if they are about to fail just before everything is fixed. We can’t see the completed picture because we’re too close to the pigments.


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