People outside of the cube often believe that moving to the cube will make them winners. Somehow, just by the change of location, they will achieve the happiness that they have never been able to achieve by themselves.

I believe that in many ways they will but not in the way that they think. Living in the cube means losing everything that you worked long and hard to get. It means giving up everything you thought was important. People outside the cube work to be the best and they know that they have achieved this ambition when they have the money, the status, the house, the cars, the clothes, the whatever elses come with success.

When you move to the cube there are no ‘things’ associated with being the best. There are no external motivators.

People often find this difficult to understand.

To die is to live, to fall is to rise.

There is an alternative way of thinking which is higher than the logic of this world. By not involving ourself in the meaningless quest for stuff we can actually get on with doing what is best for us.

Today is one of those days where people remember someone who did something which didn’t make any sense at all. Where was the instant gratification? Where was the reward? It was a meaningless sacrifice, it was painful, it was pointless, it was losing. The fight was lost when the leader held up the white flag and went down with the ship. The battle was lost. There had been hope, now there was nothing but sadness. There had been belief in a better future for everyone but now there was the realisation that this was as good as it got. There was nothing greater, there was no ultimate plan. It’s just get whatever you can get in this world because there is nothing else. Eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow we die.

In the cube we know there is more than just our existence. What we do has affects everything else. Everything in the universe has an equal and opposite reaction. So if we are getting rich, others are getting poor. If we  have too much food, there are others who are lacking food.

The story of Good Friday is a very human story. The story that living for yourself is not the only way to live. If there is nothing beyond this world then let’s at least make sure that we make the world a better place for our existence. Not just make our life good while we are here, let’s actually be a positive influence on the world. Let’s  not have the statistics reflect that during our life our contribution was to make the world worse.

Good Friday is a human story perhaps, but it isn’t the end of the story.


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