Today I was speaking to a friend who moved into the cube a few months after I did. He had moved into the cube by himself and was explaining how difficult he found it. He moved in to the cube without his friends or family and, even though everyone was welcoming and polite towards him, he found it difficult to feel really connected to anyone.

It can be difficult when people move into the cube. They are always really excited when they first join, full of unrealistic expectations of becoming a new person, of having an excellent life only to find that they are the same people they were before, just in a new location, that this new location has it’s own problems, that things are difficult, that just because you’ve decided to make the move into the cube it doesn’t mean that your life becomes perfect and easy.

Life in the cube is still life. It doesn’t suddenly become everything perfect and awesome. It takes work and it takes effort. And people need other people to help them through it.

I believe that is why one of the first things the Creator said about his people was that it wasn’t good for them to be alone.


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