The Fight

Tavani was a Palace Guard. He was Chief of the Palace Guards. He was a good Palace Guard.

Tavani had joined the Palace Guards straight out of school and over the last two years worked his way to the top. Ok, so the truth of the matter is that he wouldn’t have been Chief of the Palace Guards if it hadn’t have been for that business with overthrowing the Last King. About half of the Palace Guards had been killed or exiled along with the Last King.

Tavani wasn’t really into politics. He just guarded the palace. He kept the people who were meant to be outside, outside. He let people who were meant to be inside, inside and he protected the people inside. Tavani did a good job. His job was to serve the King, not to choose the King.

Currently, Tavani was having a little trouble in his duties. There were people outside who wanted to be inside and people inside who desperately did not want anyone from outside to be allowed inside.

The Last King had returned and was trying to get back into the palace. Tavani knew his job. He was meant to keep the Last King outside but somehow, as he watched the Last King, on a horse, carrying his sword, leading his troops while Tavani protected the new king, who had locked himself in the most protected part of the castle and sent out the palace guards, somehow, Tavani found a great respect for the Last King. It’s would be difficult not to respect someone like that.

The palace guards were vastly overwhelmed by the follower’s of the Last King. It seemed as if the entire city was attempting to break into the palace. It wouldn’t be surprising if that was what was happening. The Last King would’ve ridden through the city, and since most of the people had discovered that the new king was awful they would’ve been happy to be given another chance with the Last King.

The battle was fierce. The Last King led his followers the entire time. The new king hid until the Last King and his followers dragged him out to the palace courtyard. The new king was forced down onto his knees and the Last King killed him.

When his body was removed more people were brought forward to kneel in front of the Last King. The Last King raised his sword above everyone, some he knighted, others he killed.

Tavani didn’t wait to be called to kneel before the Last King. Tavani knew that he’d only been doing his job but he knew that he’d been defending the wrong king. The new king would never have killed his enemies with his only sword. The Last King had honour that the new king would never have dreamt of. Tavani walked in front of the Last King he would ever serve and knelt down.

The Last King raised his sword.


When you kneel before a king, you don’t know whether he will knight or kill you but whichever it is you lose your life because you belong to him.


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