Boob Jobs, Lesbians and Drugs

Recently, someone said to me that the world scared them sometimes because of all the ‘boob jobs, lesbians and drugs everywhere.’ I think my response to her clearly informed that I didn’t think she was homophobic but that I thought she was idiot. I think most people who exhibit homophobic behaviours are pretty stupid. Most people don’t even have a logical reason for being homophobic.

I don’t think anyone chooses to be gay. Why would you choose to have an attraction to a gender you don’t actually have an attraction to when it comes with a whole bunch of negative homophobic consequences? As if faking your sexuality isn’t difficult enough without people hating you for it to? At least when people pretend to be straight they are protecting themselves of a world of pain.

I accept that we live in a broken and sinful world. The reason why Jesus revealed himself to us was because the world is broken and that people are sinful.

I can, therefore, accept people who say that gay relationships are a divation from the creator’s plan. In fact, due to the broken nature of the world, many things are a divation from the creator’s plan.

But all this view means is that gay people are a symptom of a broken world, not a cause. And therefore, like everyone else in the world they are a sinner in need of compassion. And if sinners want to begin a relationship with Jesus, if sinners want to join the church, well, that’s what the church is there for. The church is for sinners, of whom, I am the chief. No matter how sinful anyone else is, we have all been redeemed by the same blood. We are all made acceptable, not through our actions but because of the action of Jesus.

I am currently reading a book called ‘How (Not) to Talk of God.’ The writer discusses how people should interpret the bible. Both the people and the bible are inspired by God, therefore, the bible is a living document. It becomes alive and useful through the interaction of the creator and his people.

The writer explains how the bible should be interpreted in a way that respects the nature of God. Since God’s nature is love the bible should be interpreted in a way that results in loving actions from his people. Any interpretation of the bible which leads people to act in a hateful way has been wrongly interpreted. Any interpretations of the bible which leads people to defend injustice instead of loving justice has been wrongly interpreted.

It was in this manner that christians began to campaign against slavery dispite any verses in the bible which suggested that slavery was acceptable.
I believe that when people read passages in the bible about homosexuality and decide to act in hate, they are not acting in line with the message of the gospel. In the end, those who claim to be in communion with Jesus, walking with Jesus, should exhibit the qualities of Jesus. And that is the quality that Jesus gave up his throne, came to earth, and died for sinners because he loves sinners.
Do we show our love for sinners? Even sinners who just so happen to be gay? Or do we list them alongside boob jobs and drugs as things that are wrong with the world?

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