Someone I know is buying a house. I think they were a little annoyed that I didn’t seem more excited for them.

I said that I admired them for buying a house. For having a mortgage over them for 25-30 years. She said that it was better to do it young and asked how old I would be by the time I finished paying off a mortgage when I got a mortgage. I told her I have no plan in having a mortgage. Which shocked her and she said ‘Don’t you want to ever own anything?’

I have a cat, I certainly do not own the cat.

I have a car, I don’t own it yet. Have a couple of years before I own it. The car lets me get to work. Work pays me. I use the money to pay for the car.

There’s a song I love called ‘Between Angels and Insects’ by Papa Roach. I’ll link it but if you don’t like swearing, don’t listen to it.

‘There’s no money, there’s no procession, only obsession. I don’t need that.’

‘The things you own, own you.’

There’s a lot in the bible about ownership. Jesus said that we shouldn’t worry about material things, we should hand them over to God. The Early Church sold everything they owned and gave to the people who needed it.

I don’t think that owning a house is evil. I don’t think having a mortgage is a sin. However, is it a sin? Is it a sign of relying on ourselves instead of allowing God control? A house keeps you in one place, it decides where you are willing to go, what you are willing to spend your money on, how you live your life, your activities, the way you use your time. The house has the control and that is something only God should have.

I suppose, it is important not to worship the house because then it becomes an idol. It becomes the reason why you do things. It becomes the motivator.



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