Somebody that I never knew

I seek you but I never find you,

It’s in the search that I  follow you.

I ask but don’t receive,

It’s in the pleas that I find what I need.

I worship you but I don’t know you,

If I understood you, I wouldn’t love you.

You’re my God but I don’t know your name,

Any words I say are not enough.

You’re a mystery with no solution.


4 comments on “Somebody that I never knew

  1. Anastasia says:

    Quite poetic, and expresses so much in a few words. I bet that there’s a lot of people out there who feel like this – are you one of them?

  2. sta1986 says:

    There is a story about a man who is preparing for a journey. His friends want to know where he is going and he always responds that he is going ‘away from here’.

    Sometimes the destination is the journey itself. That’s how I feel it is with God…it’s not that I can’t find him even though I search, it’s that the searching is the important thing. It’s not in overcoming the difficulties but the struggling that everything is defined.

    Thank you for the book recommendation. I’ll look into it.

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