Two Builders.

There was a foolish man who built his house upon the sand. It was easy to dig the foundations, it was quick to build his house. There were no problems with his house until the storms came and his house fell down.

There was a wise man who built his house on the rocks. He worked for a long time just digging out his foundations. People walking past didn’t notice any progress for years. Storms came and storms went and then finally his house was completed and he moved in. When the storms came, he was safe inside his house.

Imagine faith is like these builders. The one who worked at it, who fought against nature, who destroyed rocks, who battled against the storms because he had no protection, he was the one who won. The one who went through the hard times eventually built a way to deal with the problems. It wasn’t because his faith sheltered him from the problems, it was because of his faith that he walked onto a rock and began the difficulties.


2 comments on “Two Builders.

  1. So each man built his house using the materials God gave him. God blesses who he chooses and curses who he chooses.

    • sta1986 says:

      The parable of the two builders isn’t about God giving them different materials/blessing/cursing… The two builders heard the same message but one choose to work hard at their faith, to dig, to fight in order to build a house on the rock.

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