God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.

God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.

1 John 4:16


I work with your kids while you work

I am there when they eat their breakfast, dinner and tea.

I am there when they fall over.

I pick them up and hug them and put the Mr Happy bump cooler on invisible bruises.

I share their excitement the first time I use the pedals on the bike, the first time they use the slide by themselves, the first time they conquer the stepping stones.

I plant flowers with them and share the experience of watching them grow.

I dance with them and sing with them.

I put them to sleep. I wake them up.

I cuddle them while they’re sleepy and grumpy before and after sleep.

I have qualifications in child development, first aid, safeguarding.

In my spare time I look for new ways, different ways to engage your child in order to further their development.

And when they are five, they will go to school and forget me.

Painted Oak Nursery School

As we go through the summer preparing Painted Oak for our first class of students we want to share with you some of the special spaces that make up our school.  Since nature and the outdoors is a daily part of a child’s experience at Painted Oak, our sensory garden is a place we have given a lot of tender care to.  Children will learn to plant, harvest and care for the plants throughout the year.  Our sensory garden serves as a natural venue for language, artistic, and musical expression as well as scientific observations and discoveries.

When in the garden you will notice a section dedicated to each one of the senses.  All around the garden children will get to see the different colors, sizes and shapes of the plants from the hydrangeas, to the black-eyed susan’s, to the wand flowers.

In the touch garden children can feel the different textures…

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I have recently purchased The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins.

I haven’t started reading it yet and so thought I would set out my current beliefs on the origins of the world so that I can tell if and how I change my views during/after reading it.


I believe that God created the universe and everything in it.

I do not believe that the Genesis account of creation was ever meant to be used as the basis of science.

I believe that the Genesis account of creation is a poem used by a nomadic people to explain something they didn’t understand.

I think that the Genesis account is beautiful and useful and true.

I believe that my current understanding of the theory of evolution is pretty good.

I understand that the use of the word ‘theory’ doesn’t mean that there isn’t evidence for it.

I believe that evolution is a pretty wonderful theory and is beautiful and is true.

I believe that Wallace should get as much credit for the Origin of the Species as Darwin does.

I do not believe that Intelligent Design is a scientific theory.


Flowers in an old shoe

The other day I planted flowers in an old shoe.

The flowers were a gift and the shoe was a donation (I asked for some old shoes so that I could plant flowers in it)

The shoe was no longer any good for its first purpose, it was no longer waterproof, no longer comfortable, it was old, it was smelly, it was unwanted.

But now I have planted a pretty red geranium in it and hung it up by it’s laces to create a sort of hanging basket and it looks awesome. It’s pretty and people notice it.

When it was a mere shoe, used for the purpose it was created, no one paid it much attention, but now, it has found new appreciation doing something that was never in it’s job description.

Perhaps, sometimes, I feel like an old shoe, I feel like I used to have a purpose and that I used to fulfil that purpose really well but that is all in the past. I suppose that if someone suggested filling me with dirt and planting a flower in me I would be pretty against the suggestion. After all, I was never designed for something like that. Maybe, I feel that I’m not talented enough for the new role that someone was trying to give me, or that it just wouldn’t suit me. But perhaps, perhaps the new role which is so totally out of my experience is actually the thing that would give me the opportunity I need to succeed. Maybe, the failure felt when I was no longer able to be a shoe is actually just the step to ultimate fulfilment.