Today is my birthday and despite having the same birthday for the last 26 years I have, just this year, discovered that my birthday falls pretty much at the half way point of the year. Half the year has gone, half the year is still to come. Surely, this point of the year is as important as New Years. Perhaps not, but I’m gonna big it up because, hey, it’s my birthday. I can make up the rules right?

On Sunday, I was on my way to church when I noticed that there was a cycle race going on. This is a common occurrence where I live and perhaps, this was the reason why I was so surprised to encounter about twenty cyclist heading towards me on one particular stretch of road.

I knew, from the experience of previous cycle races, that this part of the road was not normally part of the cycle races. However, I thought, maybe this way a different course they were using. As I reached the junction, I decided to check the arrows which guided the cyclists around the course and, as expected, the arrow was pointing straight ahead whereas the cyclists I had just encountered had obviously decided to turn left instead.

The route that these guys had taken was actually a short cut. If you were attempting to find the most effective route from the start point of the race to the end point then these guys had found it. If it was some kind of orienteering race then this group would easily be the winners.

However, I am pretty sure that route-efficiency was not the aim of this race. The aim was to set a personally quick time over a certain number of miles, or Km…(I don’t actually know how these things work).

Which made me consider short cuts.

I suppose, in life, there are loads of short cuts I take. Times when I do things quickly instead of doing them well. Times when I don’t say what I really feel because it’s easier just to stay quiet. Times when I abandon things I care about because caring takes too much time and effort to really care.

And, yes, I get to where I’m going to but I’ve totally missed the point of the journey. I got to the destination but I didn’t see the views.

And so, this birthday…this half year resolution, is to sight see. It’s to stand still instead of always moving. It’s to stand up instead of backing down. Perhaps, this should be my half year resolution every half year.



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