The Pilgrim’s Stay

Christian lived in a town with his wife and his children. He didn’t like it there, what he saw made him very sad and he felt like he carried a heavy burden that he couldn’t get rid of. He tried more exercise, but that didn’t get rid of his burden. He tried working very hard to make lots and lots of money, but that didn’t get of his burden. He drank lots and he had sex with women who were not his wife, but that didn’t get rid of his burden.

One day, he met a traveller called Evangelist who told his about a beautiful city where he could go, where there was a man who would take his burden away. All he had to do was leave his wife and his children and everyone he knew and go on a journey to the beautiful city.

At first, he thought this was a good idea but as he prepared himself to go he realised that his burden was because the place where he lived wasn’t very nice. He thought that if he left to go to the beautiful city his town would continue to be horrible and there would be lots of people living with burdens who maybe would never hear about the beautiful city. He decided that he would stay in the town and work hard to make it into a great place.


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