Flowers in an old shoe

The other day I planted flowers in an old shoe.

The flowers were a gift and the shoe was a donation (I asked for some old shoes so that I could plant flowers in it)

The shoe was no longer any good for its first purpose, it was no longer waterproof, no longer comfortable, it was old, it was smelly, it was unwanted.

But now I have planted a pretty red geranium in it and hung it up by it’s laces to create a sort of hanging basket and it looks awesome. It’s pretty and people notice it.

When it was a mere shoe, used for the purpose it was created, no one paid it much attention, but now, it has found new appreciation doing something that was never in it’s job description.

Perhaps, sometimes, I feel like an old shoe, I feel like I used to have a purpose and that I used to fulfil that purpose really well but that is all in the past. I suppose that if someone suggested filling me with dirt and planting a flower in me I would be pretty against the suggestion. After all, I was never designed for something like that. Maybe, I feel that I’m not talented enough for the new role that someone was trying to give me, or that it just wouldn’t suit me. But perhaps, perhaps the new role which is so totally out of my experience is actually the thing that would give me the opportunity I need to succeed. Maybe, the failure felt when I was no longer able to be a shoe is actually just the step to ultimate fulfilment.


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