I work with your kids while you work

I am there when they eat their breakfast, dinner and tea.

I am there when they fall over.

I pick them up and hug them and put the Mr Happy bump cooler on invisible bruises.

I share their excitement the first time I use the pedals on the bike, the first time they use the slide by themselves, the first time they conquer the stepping stones.

I plant flowers with them and share the experience of watching them grow.

I dance with them and sing with them.

I put them to sleep. I wake them up.

I cuddle them while they’re sleepy and grumpy before and after sleep.

I have qualifications in child development, first aid, safeguarding.

In my spare time I look for new ways, different ways to engage your child in order to further their development.

And when they are five, they will go to school and forget me.


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