This morning I have been musing on a phrase in my Bible (thanks to Wordlive).

What are the implications of Jesus saying: “Whoever is not against us is for us…” (Mark 9:40)?

glasses and their caseIt’s a phrase that often sneaks under my radar when I look at that passage, but it bears thinking about. It’s an astonishingly optimistic approach that expands the horizons of what God is doing. Except for those who are actively opposing what Jesus and his followers are doing, the rest are included as on their side! It’s a bit like counting any abstentions as votes in favour rather than seeing them as ‘non-votes’ or even counting them as votes that are not in favour.

I received a message in Sunday School through the narrow theology of a well-meaning and deeply faithful follower of Jesus that we are under attack and should adopt a siege mentality. When I…

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