The End Times

I am not at all convinced that the world will end before Christmas. However, things are ending.


This week, on Friday, Yahoo will close it’s chat rooms. This will dramatically change my life. I can say, without any shame, that some of the longest running friendship I have are with people that I have met through these chat rooms. Some of the best discussions I have had have been in these chat rooms, or more recently, on facebook with people I met in these chat rooms. Some of the best people to Farmville with (before I beat the addiction) were farmers I met in yahoo chat rooms. For years, I’ve worried that I’d die and no one would tell my chat room friends and that these chat room friends, some of whom have known me for years wouldn’t be able to find out where I’d gone to because they know me as the ID and the font I chose when I was 16. It makes me sad to think that these chat rooms will be going, sad that there are some awesome people who I may lose touch with, sad that all those on-going debates that I’ve had with certain groups of people will no longer be facilitated.  Yes, I know there are other chat rooms but you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to get everyone to move to one chat room.


Another techno thing that will soon be going is MSN or windows live messenger.. replaced by skype which I don’t like as much. Msn was the first way I connected with my school friends outside of school without the awkwardness of using a landline! It currently links my facebook account with my email account. Once logged into Msn I get nice lil pop-ups when I get emails and when someone chats to me on facebook. It’s super helpful!


Both of these things will totally change the way in which I use the internet and I’m no sure what I’ll actually do online now if I’m not chatting, on msn or yahoo … I might have to take up Farmville again!


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