The Death of God

Today in the cube we remember the sacrifice that one man made in order to kill God.

The story goes like this.

The God claimed to be loving, forgiving and accepting but, as he grew older, gained more followers and became more powerful, he inevitably became cruel, selfish. He gave into the whims of his rich and powerful followers because he didn’t want to lose them and the power they gave him. He forgot the reasons why he had first became powerful. He forgot the poor who he had first tried to protect. After all, he had been God for a long time and lots of people who truly worshipped him had become rich. It was obvious that those who were still poor did not truly worship him.

He put in place new rules that were difficult to follow in order to find those who were truly devoted to him. He demanded sacrifices but wanted only the best so he started supplying special doves and goats for the sacrifices. Only available at specialist shops, sold for a premium. He refused any other sacrifice. He drove the poor, the needy, the sick who he had once helped, to the sidelines.*He refused equal rights to certain people based on their gender, race or sexuality. He encouraged his followers to use small parts of the holy book to refused people access to medical treatments such as blood transfusions or abortions. His followers blamed women for causing rapes and earthquakes. He encouraged his followers to kill anyone who did not agree with him.*cross1

Then a man started preaching. He spoke about the need for a loving God, he spoke about the need for a God who helped those who couldn’t help themselves. He spoke about the need for a God who stopped people living in luxury while their neighbours went cold or hungry. He spoke about the need to kill God.

The God was angry with him. The God hated him. The more people who listen to this man the more jealous and angry the God became until one day he ordered the man arrested. He ordered the man beaten and he ordered him killed.

When that man died, the veil in the temple, which separated the God’s holy place from the place of the people, split from top to bottom. At that moment, when that man died, everyone saw the God for what he really was. Old, irrelevant, cruel, jealous and they turned from him.

Abandoned by his followers, he died, alone. Faded into history.

With God dead and his rules abandoned, people were able to truly help other people. Instead of living their lives according to the rules of cruel God, they could live with compassion and love. Kindness and friendliness.


*Edited in response to a comment.


3 comments on “The Death of God

  1. bargal says:

    Your lovely piece of anti-Judaism fails to explain the millions who subsequently suffered and died to please the new compassionate, loving friendly god.

    • sta1986 says:

      People attempt to build new gods all the time. These gods always become corrupted by human values.

      Here in the cube, we believe that this sacrifice by one man has the power to kill all gods… Especially the ones build in his name.

      I hope it is more anti all religions rather than just anti one religion.

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