Abortion and bicycles

Today, I was told that being anti-abortion is a ‘justified biblical view’. I don’t think it is. I don’t think there is any part of the bible that can be used to justify that view point. However, people have the right to be wrong in their views and so they can be anti-abortion if they want.

Whatever people’s views on the subject there is only one justified biblical way to act towards people who you believe are sinners. Whatever you believe their sin is, stand alongside them and tell them ‘Jesus died for sinners, of whom, I am the worst’.

There is no room for judgemental attitudes, there is no space for pride. All have sinned, all have fallen short. We are all the same.

There is a part in Red Dwarf where Kryten points out that Lister has murdered 0.3 people. The things that he has done directly lead to the death of 0.3 people.

Think about the percentages of people we kill everyday by buying cheap clothes made in factories staffed by people who work all day and don’t get enough money to feed themselves, when we buy cheap food, cheap coffee, when we drive to the shop when we could have walked.

As the song says ‘we’re all bicycle thieves’ .


One comment on “Abortion and bicycles

  1. Andrew Gale says:

    Some Christians are more concerned about saving the lives of the unborn than they are about caring for the already born.

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