Shout Love, not hate!

Today I heard ‘Being with you’ by Smokey Robinson on the radio.

A song where Smokey tells a girl that even though all his friends and family are telling him that she is a heart breaker and that she is trouble, he is going to ignore everything they’ve said because he just wants to be with her. He doesn’t care what they think about him, doesn’t care what they say about him, doesn’t even care if they start to avoid him.

Perhaps, his friends and family are jerks and are roughly judging this girl who may actually love him. She may just be misunderstood. Do these people actually have any evidence that this girl is out to hurt poor Smokey? Are they just dissing her based on rumours, possibly spread by sad and angry ex-boyfriends?

Or maybe they do have evidence, if so, did they actually prove this to Smokey? Did they share with him the reasons for their concerns? Are they just poor at presenting a sensible argument? Considering this guy’s heart is at risk, they should probably be putting some effort into getting their message across clearing and in a way that Smokey will listen to and understand.

Or maybe they do have evidence and they did put it across clearly but Smokey is the sort of guy who needs actual personal evidence. If that is the case then I hope that his friends and family are around to offer comfort if the worst comes to the worst.

I suppose it is all about communication.

If you have something important to tell someone then you’ve got to make sure that you tell them in a way that they are going to understand, a way that they’re likely to listen to, a way that gives them all the facts, a way that applies to them personally.

There is a way to communicate with people. And unfortunately, the people who are seen to be publicly communicating faith positions are terrible at communication. There are particular faith groups who get a lot of publicity who preach messages of hate. Those of us who follow a message of love and forgiven, even to the point of forgiving those who hate us, we need to stand in opposition who have twisted a message of beauty and made it ugly.

Those who kill in the name of faith, those who picket funerals in the name of faith, those who discriminate in the name of faith. They should not be the only voice of faith.

We need to get better at communicating the love and beauty because those who preach hate are doing it louder and better!


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