We’re all equal but….

Aaron Swartz, internet activist


I have just read an article about Aaron Swartz. I had never heard of him before I read this article, and part of me feels that I should have. He was born in the same year that I was and had big plans, big dreams, big ideologies and did things to make those dreams come true.

In this article, written after his suicide, a friend said ‘He genuinely held other people as equally important as himself.’

Wow. I hope someone can say that about me, but I’m not sure if I would deserve it.

I had a conversation with someone about how everyone is at least 0.3% of a murderer; about how the deaths of people working in substandard factories were our responsibility. I am guilty of killing people because I support and, in many ways, demand the systems which kill them. I see their deaths and write a blog on how terrible it is and then wander down to the cheap shops to get myself a new outfit that I don’t actually need.

There are places in the world where I could buy ethical clothing, where the money I used to buy it would go to the people who made it and would actually cover their costs and give them some profit instead of giving the profit to some big corporation which doesn’t pay people enough to live on and allows them to work in terrible conditions. But I don’t buy ethical clothing, because it is too expensive and I can’t afford it. But what I mean, is that I couldn’t afford to buy as much clothes as I wanted. If I only bought clothes I actually needed, I could afford the ethical clothes.

But I am selfish and I don’t really believe that other people are as equally important as me.


One comment on “We’re all equal but….

  1. Jo says:

    “I love you, but I love me more!” Definitely! ❤

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