Elf Watch 4 -Children

I read a news article this morning about children’s perceptions of poverty in the uk. The researchers had asked children to define the things they could not do without; the things that children think they need in order to live any kind of life; the things they needed not to feel poor.


Strangely, food and shelter didn’t appear in the list, clean water, education, the ability to walk down the street without being shot, they didn’t appear in this list. Ipods, family holidays, the clothes that you need to fit in, they appeared on this list.


Children in this country feel poor if they don’t get away from home on holidays or day trips at least once a month. There are children in other countries who would just love to have a home with clean running water.


The one thing on the list that really interested me was the item ‘clothes that you need to fit in’. That’s not just the clothes you need to keep you warm, clothes that are appropriate to the weather, any clothes. No, children in this country need the type of clothes that the media is telling them will make them cool. The type of clothes that are modelled by their pop idols or favourite film stars. The type of clothes that the elves are trying to tell us are important.


Even children are being distracted away from the important things in this world. They are insisting that they are bought the right kind of clothes so that they can fit in. They are learning from a very young age that fitting in is all about the clothes that you wear. They will grow up to think less and less about other people as people and instead consider the outfits that people are wearing and decide whether or not that person fits in. Whether they are the ‘right’ sort of person.


And as things get more and more expensive, as the economy worsens and as more and more policies are implemented that only benefit the rich, there will be less and less of the ‘right’ sort of people. There will be less of the people who can afford the right clothes and less of the people who fit in and fewer people who are actually seen as people.


And the thing about this is that all those people who can no longer afford the right sorts of clothing will also believe that they aren’t the right sort of people. They will believe that they deserve to be cut off from certain things because they have been brought up to understand what the right sort of person is and they will know that they are not it.


It will be easier to ignore the suffering of these people because we will not regard them as people. It will be like ignoring a stray dog or putting down dogs who have been classified as ‘dangerous’.


People ask me how I can make these predictions about the future. They ask how I can say that humanity will stop being moved to help each other.


Read this carefully.

I am not making predictions of the future.

I am telling you what is currently happening.

Think honestly about what I am about to write.


When you watch those adverts on the tv, the ones with the emancipated, starving, dying children, covered in flies. Children who only require one meal a day to survive? Children who would live if they only had access to half of the food that you waste every week? Do you feel guilty? Do you feel moved to action? Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you find it easier to switch over to watch the latest episode of Hollyoaks? Do you find yourself forgetting it as soon as you’ve seen it like when you watch a scary movie? Do you block it out?


We are already ignoring the suffering of people. It won’t take long for there to be more suffering to ignore.


Ask yourself how easy it will be to ignore the suffering, to ignoring the dying when it is you and your children who are suffering and dying? Will you beg to those ‘right’ sort of people to help you? To give you their scraps? Will you expect them to share what they have with you?


Will you deserve it?



Elf Watch 3


Today I read a news report on why a certain footballer is worth the stupid amounts of money he is paid. £80 million. And he’s worth it because he can score goals and because he looks good, because he is charming. If you saw him like I see him you wouldn’t think he was that charming.Worth £80 million? I don’t think anyone is worth that much. Perhaps Greece should start playing football so it could clear its debt.


It confuses me that anyone could write such an article and honestly believe that it was accurate. I can’t believe that people dedicate so much of their time, money and lives to a game played by, and let’s be honest about most of them, idiots. Look around the world, look around the country, look at what you see out of your own door. The world is in an economic crises. People are losing jobs and not being able to find new ones. People are losing pensions they have paid into for years. There are people who are losing their houses; people who are unable to feed their families; people who are choosing between food and heat. And yet, £80 million is reasonable for this man who can kick a football? Where is the uproar? Where is the protest? Why are people still going to football matches? People are angry about the bonuses bankers get but no one is complaining about the stupid amounts of money spent on football. People are angry when politicians aren’t jailed when they have acted stupidly but where is the up rage about the footballers who get fined two weeks wages, which equals out to more than most people earn in a year, and it makes no difference to anyone.


The fight is now. We can’t sit around any longer and wait for things to get worse. Instead, we should make a move. I have received some negative feedback from people regarding my naming and shaming page but I think that they are just scared about repercussions because they do not want to get involved in a fight. Let me warn you now. if you don’t want to get involved in a fight then don’t join us. Don’t read this blog any more. This is not for you. The elves will play dirty. You can read about my experience with an elf when they saw me for what I was: a person who could see them for what they are. (www.elfwatch.blog.uk/blog45). They are not willing to let people ruin their plans. They are truly evil, evil people. If you are the type to go around hiccupping when there is action to be taken then this is not the fight for you. If you think you are a fighter because you have ‘mad skillz’ at world of warcraft, don’t let me disturb your interesting life. This is real war. This is possibly even move real than any war between people.


We need people. We need people who can see the elves and we need people who can not see them but are willing to believe us and willing to put themselves forward for a mission. If you are interested, contact the elf watchers by the enquiries form on the next page.


This is the time to take sides and if you are human there is only one side to be on. Don’t be taken in by the glamour. I know that they are charming. I know that they call to you and promise you the world. But do not allow yourself to be led astray from what you know is the right thing.


Let us consider the world again. Consider the situation that we are in. Consider a world where a football player, a man who plays a game earns more than doctors. A man, who has the ability to run and kick a ball, earns more than enough to sustain himself…and a small village. A world where he is getting paid to entertain while others hardly earn enough to buy food to eat. A world where, even in the ‘rich’ countries there are people who cannot afford to have life saving operations. is this right? Is this the world that you want to be a part of? are you sure that this is the way you want the world to work? Are you sure that this is working for you? Are you honestly happily living in this world?


Things are not that great for most people in this world. The current policies reward and protect the rich at the expense of the poor and also, increasingly, the not so poor. I keep saying to you. Look at who the policies are benefiting. Look at the winners. Look at the losers. When I look at the winners I see disgusting, shrivelled grey things. I see evilness in the world. When I see losers I see us. I see me. I see the rightful owners of this world.


We have researchers. We have done our homework. We know that the elves are nothing but parasites. They live on a planet, on a plane, in the multiverse and they use up all of its resources until it has nothing left for them. and then they abandon it, leaving the few remaining original inhabitants confused and lost in their attempts to continue their societies without the benefit of the glamour that had been hiding all of the destruction that the elves cause.
There is only way to deal with these creatures. And it is the same way that one would deal with an invasion of ants into your house. If ants were creatures who not only broke into your house and stole your food but also made you think that they deserved your food and employed you to protect them against anyone who thought perhaps they shouldn’t be in your house. We kill ants. We destroy them. We do not let them into our houses and let me be honest. Ants are innocent. There is no problem with ants. They are harmless. I don’t mean to be propositional. I don’t wish to force your hand. I am truly concerned about people who cannot see the problem with the world without the benefit of not being able to be deceived by glamour. Even with the glamour, surely you can see the problems? If you can, contact us. We need all the help that we can get. All of us need to stand together.

Elf Watch 2: Glamour

Glamour. Noun.

1. The quality of fascinating, alluring, or attracting, especially by a combination of charm and good-looking.

2. Excitement, adventure, and unusual activity:the glamour of being an explorer.


3. Magic or enchantment; spell; witchery.



There are no books written about elves. Nothing that you’ll find in the non fiction section of the library anyway. That is their doing. They have put all the information about themselves into fairy stories. But there are a few of us who have done the research. Who have looked past the lies they are telling about themselves and have found out the truth behind that they have hidden.


We are not sure how many of us there are in the world. Us – the people who can see them for who they are, we who are not deceived by glamour, but the rest of you. You must trust us and believe what we say. There may not be much time left. They have been here for centuries, slowly becoming more and more powerful. Slowly changing this world to make it more comfortable for them.


The technological explosion of the last half century should be an indicator of how things are moving in an unnatural way. Even within my lifetime things have moved on beyond imagination. When I was young, music was played on tapes, films were on videos and computers were for scientists. Then came cds, mididisks, mp3s and ipods. Instead of videos we have DVDs and Blue-ray. We download from Itunes and watch on our laptops. Computers that took up whole rooms are gone and my mobile phone has more functions than my first computer. Do you honestly think that these revolutionary changes to the entire way that humanity functions could have come about all by pure coincidence? They are creating a more suitable environment for themselves.


As things advance more and more we, who can see the things, we become more and more concerned that our time is running out. Everyday more of earth’s resources become dedicated to the lifestyles of these things. And although we don’t know exactly how many of them there are we are convinced that they’re numbers are going. Everyday new ‘celebrities’ are born. Celebrities for no other reason than that they appear on some reality t.v. show. Made in Chelsea, The Only Way is Essex, Big Brother, The X-factor; all of these are populated by elves who need the attention to live. Now, I don’t mean to imply that everyone who appears on these shows, everyone on t.v, everyone in the movies are elves. By no means! The elves need humans to do their bidding. Humans who they can feed from. Humans who will honour them and give them the attention they require.


I suppose it is unimaginable to believe that someone who looks as amazing as they do is actually a goblin – like creature. I have never seen them in their ‘pretty’ state. I cannot see their glamour. In the same way that you won’t believe that they are hideous I cannot believe that they are attractive. They make me feel sick. They actually make me shudder whenever I see them. But I watch them so that I can try to predict their next move.


Have you noticed how the political leaders have become subjected to gossip magazines? How the minor royals are selling coverage of their weddings to the media in the same way as the minor celebrities? The elves have moved into the political realms and this is why we really must act now. Some people are protesting against the actions of the elves but we should be fighting against the elves themselves. We cannot vote them out. We cannot use democracy. They infiltrate every party. They cover even the vilest policies with glamour until it is too late to act against it.


I met an elf in public once. I went to a book signing with some friends. They were excited to finally meet the awesomeness that was this celebrity. I watched those in the queue in front of us, kissing the elf, allowing the thing to touch them. It disgusted me. I could see the mark of the elf on their skin, grey and sticky, seeping into their skin and infecting their blood.


When I got to the front of the queue, the elf immediately recognised me for what I was and I could see the fear in its eyes. I was frightening to the thing that has caused me nightmares since I was a child. And I enjoyed the feeling of power.It was then I realised that my knowledge of the true form was going to get me in trouble. Although I had the power over one individual elf. They had power over many humans. Within minutes of the elf recognising me I was being escorted out of the shop where the book signing was being held. The security guards took me around to the loading bays of the shopping centre, beat me up and left me for dead in a recycling bin. Thankfully, it was recycling day and I was discovered before the elves had one less person to worry about.


I received an email the other day from a reader of this blog asking what made me think that the elves were so evil. The reader was suggesting that the elves might be here to help us. Since they had invented Hollywood and celebrity and other ways of us enjoying ourselves. Maybe, said the reader, maybe they were nice and were just trying to help humanity. If that were so then their adjustments would actually be helping the entirety of humanity. As it turns out fewer and fewer members of humanity are getting the advantages. At first it was only members of the western world who were evolving at the expense of those in the developing world. Now, it is just the super rich who are benefiting from the policy changes and political systems. And who are the super rich? If you don’t know the answer by now the you are probably reading the wrong blog. There is only one group benefiting from the changes and it isn’t any group of humans.


Elves are selfish. They only care about doing things that will help them. They are not trying to help humanity. Yes, some of the things they have done have helped us but that is a mere side effect and it won’t last. They are slowly eroding away what makes us who we are.


Some of you question why I write this. Some of you think that I am drawing attention to the elves by writing this and since the elves are looking for the attention then surely I am doing them a service.


There are a number of reasons. The first and most important reason why I write this is so that there is an online source of information for other people who might see the shrivelled disgusting things for what they are and what to know what they are truly seeing. I am sure that there are many other elf watchers out there who are desperate to discover why they see ugly when others see beauty. I hope that this blog will be a starting point for them.


The second reason is the only way we can defeat the elves is by seeing them for what they are, by outing them for what they are. When we are not deceived by their glamour then we can take back control over our destinies. It is important for those who can see the elves to reveal them to those who cannot see them so that everyone, all of us together, can make a stand against them.


If you click on the link above you will be able to see a list of known elf personalities. When you see them on t.v. remember what they really are. Remember that they want your attention and remember to name them and shame them and don’t get caught up in their lies.


Elf Watch

Sometimes I wonder about you. All of you who read this. I wonder if it makes any difference to your life. I wonder if the word is getting out. Every day when the ticker shows that new people have visited the site I worry that maybe this is becoming too popular. That it is becoming a new part of their plan. I read your comments and I know that some of you only read this because you think it’s funny. You think I am insane and you enjoy insulting me and mocking me in order to make yourselves feel good. However, I would warn you. Just because these things sound strange, just because you cannot see the things that are happening all around you doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. Carbon monoxide can kill you without you even knowing there is a problem.

I understand that some of my posts seem a little out there, but that is exactly what they want you to think. After all ‘The greatest lie the Devil ever told was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.’ but we are not dealing with mere demons of hell. If we were everything would be a lot easier. The Devil is a tempter. He persuades you to do things you already want to do. He convinces you that the consequences of your actions will be profitable for you even when you know this is not the case. There are lots of books written about the Devil. There is dogma. There is theology. He is an understood enemy.

There is nothing written about the Lords and Ladies. There is no dogmatic understanding of how to deal with them. They are surrounded in myth. They are wrapped up in legends. Their origins are lost in time. They are hidden. They didn’t have to convince the world that they didn’t exist because the world already knows that they are nothing more than children’s stories.

And look what they have done to the children’s stories: they have changed the meanings of words; they have turned themselves into the good guys. You see them portrayed as the ‘people’ you want on your side when you are attempting to destroy a ring. When I mention them people conjure up images of sweet, little Peter Pan like creatures. They have glamour. They use it to make themselves glamorous.

No. Elves are not devils. They gently encourage you to find importance in things that don’t matter. They have turned nothing events into global news. They have made money by persuading you that you need to buy things that they make. You will read this and you will not understand but you will spend your money on things that they have told you that you need. They are the reason why half the world is starving and the other half is overweight. They are the reason why people believe that there are shoes that are worth hundreds of pounds. The reason why people believe they should spend all their money on ‘designer’ clothes.

Who are these designers? Who are these people who tell us that shoes and coats and make up are more important than people? There is only one word for who they are. Elves.

People as you read this, do not laugh, do not tune out your brains and think that you are reading the notes of an insane man. There are things in this world that you cannot see. There are things in this world that you do not want to see. There are things in this world that the elves do not want you to see. I am sure that this blog is just one of the things they hope to suppress. They also want to hide the inequalities of this world. They want to hide the injustices because they will not benefit if they are treated as mere mortals. They are not mere mortals. They never have been and you need to start seeing them for what they really are.

One of the comments on my last posts reads ‘Do you honestly want me to believe that there are some people wandering around controlling our thoughts and our actions? That sounds a bit too much like x-men to me. Are you sure you just haven’t been watching too many films?’

And the answer is no. I don’t want you to believe that there are people wandering around controlling your thoughts and actions. They are not controlling your thoughts. They are not Professor X. That would be crazy. I would be insane. Elves are far more subtle than that. For mind control to work they have to continue to control you because as soon as they stop you go back to your original thinking. What they elves have done is slowly infiltrated the social consciousness and changed the way everyone thinks. They have made the world believe that this way of thinking, this way of acting, is normal. If they all disappeared it would still take us an age to rediscover the true value of humanity. That is why we must push them out of our thoughts now. We must fight to rediscover what they have hidden from us.

Did you see the story on the news recently about the child who was run over and all those people just walked right by her? People were shocked by it. People always are. Did you read about that woman who killed herself and her daughter because they had suffered years of abuse from their neighbours and no one helped them? Would you have helped them? Would you have heard their cry of help and stopped their deaths? Or do you turn the television to mute when the charity adverts come on? Do you care that while you have been reading this blog and enjoying my insanity that people are dying because they are hungry? Because they don’t have access to clean water? What is so terrible is that in this world we do not have a food shortage. We have plenty of food. Each household throws away enough food to feed another family. Yet people die because of lack of food.

Wait! Did you hear the news? That singer/that movie star/ that woman who is famous for sleeping with some rock star has just had a baby/got divorced/got married/adopted an ‘orphan’/gained weight/ lost weight/ wore new clothes .

Wait! That’s not news. Why do we care? Why is it on tv? Why are there magazines dedicated to keeping us informed of all this nonsense? Does any of this actually matter? No, of course it doesn’t. These are all just ways of distracting us from the real needs of this world. Ways of keeping us focused on them so that they can grow stronger as we grow weaker until they have taken over and we are nothing but their devoted slaves.

Don’t you see how crazy it is? Even if you can’t see the fire, surely, you must feel the heat?

Some of you read these posts and you worry, like I worry, about what can be done to stop the elves. You ask me how we can fight against something that is the normal way of the world now. It is simple. Their power comes from the social consciousness, from groups. Group dynamics are very important to them. They need people to talk about them in order to keep them fresh in people’s minds. If people aren’t talking about them, then they die. So the way to end their rule is to ignore the stories they feed into us. Look at them and see them for what they really are! Name them. For in a name there is power. Do not get caught up in the lies they tell. Do not get taken over by their views of importance. Keep the truth in your minds. They are nothing. They are less than nothing. They are not important. They are elves. The stories are nothing but glamour. They are not terrific. They are terrifying. Do not emulate them. Do not buy into their lifestyles. When you are in a group and people discuss them, name them and shame them in public. Refuse to take part in the lies of elves.

For evil to win it simply requires good people to do nothing.