Elf Watch

Sometimes I wonder about you. All of you who read this. I wonder if it makes any difference to your life. I wonder if the word is getting out. Every day when the ticker shows that new people have visited the site I worry that maybe this is becoming too popular. That it is becoming a new part of their plan. I read your comments and I know that some of you only read this because you think it’s funny. You think I am insane and you enjoy insulting me and mocking me in order to make yourselves feel good. However, I would warn you. Just because these things sound strange, just because you cannot see the things that are happening all around you doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. Carbon monoxide can kill you without you even knowing there is a problem.

I understand that some of my posts seem a little out there, but that is exactly what they want you to think. After all ‘The greatest lie the Devil ever told was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.’ but we are not dealing with mere demons of hell. If we were everything would be a lot easier. The Devil is a tempter. He persuades you to do things you already want to do. He convinces you that the consequences of your actions will be profitable for you even when you know this is not the case. There are lots of books written about the Devil. There is dogma. There is theology. He is an understood enemy.

There is nothing written about the Lords and Ladies. There is no dogmatic understanding of how to deal with them. They are surrounded in myth. They are wrapped up in legends. Their origins are lost in time. They are hidden. They didn’t have to convince the world that they didn’t exist because the world already knows that they are nothing more than children’s stories.

And look what they have done to the children’s stories: they have changed the meanings of words; they have turned themselves into the good guys. You see them portrayed as the ‘people’ you want on your side when you are attempting to destroy a ring. When I mention them people conjure up images of sweet, little Peter Pan like creatures. They have glamour. They use it to make themselves glamorous.

No. Elves are not devils. They gently encourage you to find importance in things that don’t matter. They have turned nothing events into global news. They have made money by persuading you that you need to buy things that they make. You will read this and you will not understand but you will spend your money on things that they have told you that you need. They are the reason why half the world is starving and the other half is overweight. They are the reason why people believe that there are shoes that are worth hundreds of pounds. The reason why people believe they should spend all their money on ‘designer’ clothes.

Who are these designers? Who are these people who tell us that shoes and coats and make up are more important than people? There is only one word for who they are. Elves.

People as you read this, do not laugh, do not tune out your brains and think that you are reading the notes of an insane man. There are things in this world that you cannot see. There are things in this world that you do not want to see. There are things in this world that the elves do not want you to see. I am sure that this blog is just one of the things they hope to suppress. They also want to hide the inequalities of this world. They want to hide the injustices because they will not benefit if they are treated as mere mortals. They are not mere mortals. They never have been and you need to start seeing them for what they really are.

One of the comments on my last posts reads ‘Do you honestly want me to believe that there are some people wandering around controlling our thoughts and our actions? That sounds a bit too much like x-men to me. Are you sure you just haven’t been watching too many films?’

And the answer is no. I don’t want you to believe that there are people wandering around controlling your thoughts and actions. They are not controlling your thoughts. They are not Professor X. That would be crazy. I would be insane. Elves are far more subtle than that. For mind control to work they have to continue to control you because as soon as they stop you go back to your original thinking. What they elves have done is slowly infiltrated the social consciousness and changed the way everyone thinks. They have made the world believe that this way of thinking, this way of acting, is normal. If they all disappeared it would still take us an age to rediscover the true value of humanity. That is why we must push them out of our thoughts now. We must fight to rediscover what they have hidden from us.

Did you see the story on the news recently about the child who was run over and all those people just walked right by her? People were shocked by it. People always are. Did you read about that woman who killed herself and her daughter because they had suffered years of abuse from their neighbours and no one helped them? Would you have helped them? Would you have heard their cry of help and stopped their deaths? Or do you turn the television to mute when the charity adverts come on? Do you care that while you have been reading this blog and enjoying my insanity that people are dying because they are hungry? Because they don’t have access to clean water? What is so terrible is that in this world we do not have a food shortage. We have plenty of food. Each household throws away enough food to feed another family. Yet people die because of lack of food.

Wait! Did you hear the news? That singer/that movie star/ that woman who is famous for sleeping with some rock star has just had a baby/got divorced/got married/adopted an ‘orphan’/gained weight/ lost weight/ wore new clothes .

Wait! That’s not news. Why do we care? Why is it on tv? Why are there magazines dedicated to keeping us informed of all this nonsense? Does any of this actually matter? No, of course it doesn’t. These are all just ways of distracting us from the real needs of this world. Ways of keeping us focused on them so that they can grow stronger as we grow weaker until they have taken over and we are nothing but their devoted slaves.

Don’t you see how crazy it is? Even if you can’t see the fire, surely, you must feel the heat?

Some of you read these posts and you worry, like I worry, about what can be done to stop the elves. You ask me how we can fight against something that is the normal way of the world now. It is simple. Their power comes from the social consciousness, from groups. Group dynamics are very important to them. They need people to talk about them in order to keep them fresh in people’s minds. If people aren’t talking about them, then they die. So the way to end their rule is to ignore the stories they feed into us. Look at them and see them for what they really are! Name them. For in a name there is power. Do not get caught up in the lies they tell. Do not get taken over by their views of importance. Keep the truth in your minds. They are nothing. They are less than nothing. They are not important. They are elves. The stories are nothing but glamour. They are not terrific. They are terrifying. Do not emulate them. Do not buy into their lifestyles. When you are in a group and people discuss them, name them and shame them in public. Refuse to take part in the lies of elves.

For evil to win it simply requires good people to do nothing.



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