Elf Watch 3


Today I read a news report on why a certain footballer is worth the stupid amounts of money he is paid. £80 million. And he’s worth it because he can score goals and because he looks good, because he is charming. If you saw him like I see him you wouldn’t think he was that charming.Worth £80 million? I don’t think anyone is worth that much. Perhaps Greece should start playing football so it could clear its debt.


It confuses me that anyone could write such an article and honestly believe that it was accurate. I can’t believe that people dedicate so much of their time, money and lives to a game played by, and let’s be honest about most of them, idiots. Look around the world, look around the country, look at what you see out of your own door. The world is in an economic crises. People are losing jobs and not being able to find new ones. People are losing pensions they have paid into for years. There are people who are losing their houses; people who are unable to feed their families; people who are choosing between food and heat. And yet, £80 million is reasonable for this man who can kick a football? Where is the uproar? Where is the protest? Why are people still going to football matches? People are angry about the bonuses bankers get but no one is complaining about the stupid amounts of money spent on football. People are angry when politicians aren’t jailed when they have acted stupidly but where is the up rage about the footballers who get fined two weeks wages, which equals out to more than most people earn in a year, and it makes no difference to anyone.


The fight is now. We can’t sit around any longer and wait for things to get worse. Instead, we should make a move. I have received some negative feedback from people regarding my naming and shaming page but I think that they are just scared about repercussions because they do not want to get involved in a fight. Let me warn you now. if you don’t want to get involved in a fight then don’t join us. Don’t read this blog any more. This is not for you. The elves will play dirty. You can read about my experience with an elf when they saw me for what I was: a person who could see them for what they are. (www.elfwatch.blog.uk/blog45). They are not willing to let people ruin their plans. They are truly evil, evil people. If you are the type to go around hiccupping when there is action to be taken then this is not the fight for you. If you think you are a fighter because you have ‘mad skillz’ at world of warcraft, don’t let me disturb your interesting life. This is real war. This is possibly even move real than any war between people.


We need people. We need people who can see the elves and we need people who can not see them but are willing to believe us and willing to put themselves forward for a mission. If you are interested, contact the elf watchers by the enquiries form on the next page.


This is the time to take sides and if you are human there is only one side to be on. Don’t be taken in by the glamour. I know that they are charming. I know that they call to you and promise you the world. But do not allow yourself to be led astray from what you know is the right thing.


Let us consider the world again. Consider the situation that we are in. Consider a world where a football player, a man who plays a game earns more than doctors. A man, who has the ability to run and kick a ball, earns more than enough to sustain himself…and a small village. A world where he is getting paid to entertain while others hardly earn enough to buy food to eat. A world where, even in the ‘rich’ countries there are people who cannot afford to have life saving operations. is this right? Is this the world that you want to be a part of? are you sure that this is the way you want the world to work? Are you sure that this is working for you? Are you honestly happily living in this world?


Things are not that great for most people in this world. The current policies reward and protect the rich at the expense of the poor and also, increasingly, the not so poor. I keep saying to you. Look at who the policies are benefiting. Look at the winners. Look at the losers. When I look at the winners I see disgusting, shrivelled grey things. I see evilness in the world. When I see losers I see us. I see me. I see the rightful owners of this world.


We have researchers. We have done our homework. We know that the elves are nothing but parasites. They live on a planet, on a plane, in the multiverse and they use up all of its resources until it has nothing left for them. and then they abandon it, leaving the few remaining original inhabitants confused and lost in their attempts to continue their societies without the benefit of the glamour that had been hiding all of the destruction that the elves cause.
There is only way to deal with these creatures. And it is the same way that one would deal with an invasion of ants into your house. If ants were creatures who not only broke into your house and stole your food but also made you think that they deserved your food and employed you to protect them against anyone who thought perhaps they shouldn’t be in your house. We kill ants. We destroy them. We do not let them into our houses and let me be honest. Ants are innocent. There is no problem with ants. They are harmless. I don’t mean to be propositional. I don’t wish to force your hand. I am truly concerned about people who cannot see the problem with the world without the benefit of not being able to be deceived by glamour. Even with the glamour, surely you can see the problems? If you can, contact us. We need all the help that we can get. All of us need to stand together.


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