The Importance of Stories

There was a tv show where a man sat his children down and told them the story of how he met their mother. However, this was not just a short story it was a build up including all the important stories that made him the man he was when he met her.

Stories are important to people, stories help us understand what is really going on. Stories reveal truth to us and help us to understand concepts previously hidden from us.

Stories can change depending on who is hearing them and what people need to understand about the world. Cinderella used to have shoes made of fur, now they are glass. But the changes don’t make the story any less true.

There are many stories about floods. There were gods, or a God who looked down on the earth and saw the people. The people stopped worshipping the gods. or the God. The gods became hungry because no one was offering them sacrifices. The God became angry because everyone was sinful. They/He decided to send a floor to punish the world and start again. There was a man called Gilgamesh/Noah who built a giant boat and took two of each animal on it.

The stories are not important because they document historical fact. They are important because they show us who we were, what was important to us, and who we are.


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