‘She had the most beautiful nails.’

I went to visit some children in school. We chatted about life, the universe and everything from the importance of teeth brushing to the ‘music’ of One Direction.

Today, I spoke to their mum who said ‘They said that a lady had come to see them and she had the most beautiful nails.’

It was funny that my nails is what they had remembered because in our wide ranging conversations, not once had we spoken about my nails or any nails.

It has made me think about how sometimes it is not the things we say or the way we act which are remembered but just something about us which is the most important thing to the person listening.

When we share about our faith it isn’t just about having all the big words, all the answers. It isn’t about having awesome power point presentations or dramas or worship groups. The things that are important, that are remembered aren’t going to be the things which are planned or spoken about or even thought about.

Often it will be the things other people are seeing when you don’t think you are being watched.


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