Driving like its hard…

Recently I went on a speed awareness course. Most of it was very dull, however, what was interesting is that statistically people are less likely to speed near to a school. This is due to the perceived risk of children being unpredictable. People are more likely to have an accident close to home. This is due to the perceived lack of risk on familiar roads which allows your concentration to drift.

Familiarity is a dangerous thing. Sometimes things need to be shaken up so that we actually see the things that we have taken for granted, the things that have been lost in translation, the things that may jump out at us and destroy everything that was once so comfortable and easy.

Here in the Rubik Cube, we had get adapt to a new way of existing because everything we had known before no longer existed. The rules that were familiar had led us to into dangerous territory and we had not spotted the problems until it was too late to fix it. But without the rules life was scary and unpredictable.

We like certainty and predictability and we try to create it even where there is none but sometimes trying to force it blinds us to the problems we create alongside it.

Often, in an attempt to keep things predictable we create problems for people who do not fit into the ways we have created. In the social model of disability, people are impaired, not by their own disability but by a society which refuses to enable them. People are made blind if society does not allow them to wear glasses.

Next time something is comfortable or safe, perhaps it is time to think who is being discomforted or disabled for my comfort? Next time something is uncomfortable, perhaps it is time to think who is being comforted or enabled in this environment?


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