Being who we are

Sometimes it is difficult to be who we are. Sometimes it is easy to hide things that make us who we were. These things aren’t necessarily bad things but for some reason we feel the need to hide it. For example, I like star trek, I like discworld, I like hitch hikers guide to the galaxy and I enjoy dressing up in costumes and hanging out with other people who are in costumes. I don’t tell people that when I first meet them. When people ask me what I am reading I will tell them about one of the sensible books on my kindle rather than what I am really reading.

Being who I really am can lead to people thinking that I am weird; it could lead to people laughing at me; it could lead to people not wanting to talk to me or talking about me behind my back or worse, people talking to me about star wars!

It takes confidence in myself and trust in the people I am interacting with to be the person I really am. It takes strength to be that person who I want to be in a new situation with people I don’t know.

The person who we are is the person we are meant to be. We have not been made one way in order for us to be some other way. Often, people find themselves in difficulty because they have been trapped into living as someone else. These difficulties can lead them to acting in ways which are destructive to other people but mostly destructive to themselves.

I was working with someone last week, they have been stealing things but not big things. They have been stealing things that if they had asked for they would have been given. They have been stealing things that they are entitled to. They have been stealing things that already belong to them. No matter what they are being told, they feel the need to steal because they don’t believe that they could get these things any other way. They don’t believe that they are the sort of person who deserves these things. They don’t believe that the person they think they should be.

I believe that the less energy we put into being someone else the more energy we have to be who we are. I believe that we have been brought together in a community to encourage each other to make the decision to be who we are. And when we see people hiding we should be helping them to stop hiding not helping them to keep hiding.


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