Your only purpose in life

A woman recently said to me that, as a woman, my only purpose in life is to have children. I told her that it really was not.

I don’t think it is anyones only purpose to reproduce. I work with many children who have been produced and I don’t for one minute think that their ‘parents’ have fulfilled their purpose in life by creating life. These people who have had children and then, through their actions, and more often through their lack of actions, teach these children that they are worthless, that they are useless, that they are not worthy of love. These people have done the exact opposite of fulfilling their purpose in life.

We have a good world here, one that provides for us and sustains, one that we have a responsibility to care for and ensure that we protect it. We are the guardians, the caretakers of this world and our purpose is to ensure that life continues to prosper here. Our purpose is to protect this world we have been given. Our purpose is to ensure, not only the continuation of our own species but the continuation of all the life on this planet. And I don’t think we are taking that responsibility seriously if we think that each woman just having children is how we do that.

The earth provides enough food for everyone on the planet and yet some are starving while others die from complications caused by being overweight. Tons of food is thrown out every day. Wasted.

People complain due to slow internet connections while others have no access to clean water.

Children are born into families where they are neglected and abused. Children are abandoned. Orphanages across the world try to care but don’t have adequate resources. Children who were neglected by their parents and taken into state care still have more chance of going to prison than they do of going to university.

Is it really my only purpose to get pregnant and have a child?

If it is my purpose to be a mother then why should I only care for the children who have a DNA link to me? What about the children who are dying? What about my sisters in India who, because of their gender, have no choice for the future? What about my brothers and sisters who are abandoned because they were born disabled? What about my siblings who because of their sexual orientation are jailed and killed?

I think people who spend their live ensuring that children grow into successful adults and live in a world where they are free to choose are awesome. And whether you do that through campaigning, adopting, reproducing and supporting your own child, discovering sustainable energy sources, you should be commended for being fulfilling your purpose in caring for this world and the life on it.

It would be a shame if we reduced our entire purpose to reproduction when we were given responsibilities to the whole world.


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