Coming out

If I went to my parents now and told them that I was gay (I wouldn’t do it here because my dad reads this blog and finding out in a blog would be a pretty sucky way of finding out) I am certain they wouldn’t throw me out of the house, they wouldn’t disown me, they wouldn’t ignore me. I know this because they’re my parents and they love me and they support me. I’m sure that I haven’t turned into the person they thought I was going to be when I was born and they don’t love me in spite of this, they love me because of this.

I don’t understand parents who claim to be loving while turning their backs on one of their children because of something so insignificant. You can believe that sexuality is chosen if you want to ( I’d think you were wrong but you can believe it) but then many other things in life are chosen.. Career choices, where to live, to go out on Friday nights and get drunk or eating left over curry for breakfast.

And I suppose there are parents who would abandon their children due to their career choices but those parents will have missed the point.

It is sad when parents turn their backs and it is terrible when people claim that a loving God would turn his back, a God we call father. God is our creator and our sustainer. He is love to everyone and the idea that would abandon his children is slander to his nature.

Jesus came to give homes to the homeless not to create homelessness. He came to set the prisoners free not to create more. He came to the orphans not to create more.


Not just for girls

At the moment in Australia there are protests about the tax that needs to be paid on feminine products. This is also an issue in Europe where sanitary towels and tampons are defined as a luxury good and are taxed accordingly. The main reason why there is a tax on these products is because those who have the power to change the tax laws don’t want to discuss it…maybe because it will ick men out…and most of them are men…and they don’t want to be icked.

There are also issues around the safety of sanitary towels and tampons. Fibres used to make these products are bleached and things no one has ever heard of before form a major part of their ingredients. What exactly is ‘infinicel’? What are ActiPearls?

Then there are issues with disposal of these products. They end up in landfill and cause massive pollution.

It may surprise people to know that disposable sanitary towels are not the only option for women on their periods. There are a range of more eco friendly, more economical and better for women. Items such as menstrual cups or sponges. Buzzfeed have 18 reasons why women should switch to a menstrual cup.

And this is not just for girls. It is not just for women. This is an issue that men need to be aware of even if it doesn’t directly affect them. Men need to know about periods and need to know about the products. Men need to be able to discuss it.

Not just so they can discuss whether sanitary products count as luxury products.

There are places in the world where women become ill or die because they use rags when they are on their periods and these become infected; where men marry women and have no idea that it is normal for a woman to bleed; or places where a picture of a woman on her period is removed from the internet because it shows blood; places where female sports players wear white and spend more time worrying about leaking than they do about playing; where women are not allowed to leave their home during their periods.

It is time when female health is not just a female issue. When discussions are had about issues linked to periods men shouldn’t be so icked out about it that they don’t consider the issue. For equality, there shouldn’t be conversations that half the population are left out of because of their gender.

Periods don’t just affect women, they affect everyone. Men know that.