I don’t need a saviour

‘I don’t need a saviour.
I don’t need to be rescued from my sin
What have I done that’s so wicked?
Why should I be born again?’

People tell me they live good lives
They don’t murder, lie or steal
They ask what sins of mine were laid upon this so called lord of yours?

Maybe I’m unique
Maybe I am strange
But I don’t need anyone to tell me what I’ve done wrong

There was no need for God to convict  me
I tried and judged myself
I knew that I was guilty
No evidence was needed

Every single day I do and say things wrong
I know they’re wrong because they hurt people
I know they’re wrong because I know
I don’t need anyone outside of me to tell me how I behave

So when I heard about the saviour, about the one who took the blame
I didn’t him to list my sins and make me feel shame


But when he looked at my life
When he looked at my sin
He took my list of wrongdoing and crossed each one off
He took ownership of my bad parts
He gave me freedom from myself
Why would I not be grateful?
Why would I not decide to follow him every day of my life?

So when you say you have no need to be saved
When you tell me you don’t need to be rescued
Then I want to know how you have found freedom from yourself?


One comment on “I don’t need a saviour

  1. Curtis Poor says:

    Jesus came for the sick, not the healthy. Truthfully we are all sick, sometimes we just can’t see it.

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