Super Powers

When I watch TV shows where the hero gets a super power and immediately knows they have a superpower and what it does I just find the whole thing totally unbelievable….or maybe people are just smarter than I am.

It took me ages to realise that there was something different about me. I didn’t realise that things were different inside my head to how they were in everyone else’s head. I suppose if I had the ability to set myself on fire or something then I suppose I would have picked up on it quicker.

At first when I heard people’s thoughts I honestly believed that people were talking to me. I’d respond to things they had only thought which led to confusion – both on their side and mine. They’d ask me how I knew things after they’d just told me…except they hadn’t said anything out loud.

Eventually it dawned on me that sometimes, when they were saying things to me their lips weren’t moving. That the things they were saying were not linked to the conversations, that the things they were saying shouldn’t really be said.

I have realised that people can lie to themselves. Sometimes, the things they are saying to themselves are not true, they are not accurate. People do things and lie to themselves saying that it was their only choice. They say things and think things which hurt other people either directly and indirectly and they tell themselves that it’s ok. They watch the news and see the suffering and think that there is nothing they can do.

These are lies people think, lies people believe. I often listen to everyone who thinks they can’t do anything and wonder what would happen if they all got together and worked together and did something together.

Sometimes I think that the systems that we live in work so well because they divide us…they force us to think individually…they split us up and they stop us thinking and working as a community.

Community is where the power lies. Community is how we can do things. If we work together then individuals don’t need superpowers.


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