Sugar and Spice and Puppy dog tails


Girls like dolls. Boys like football. Boys get muddy. Girls wear make up. From before birth the choices that a child will have, the expectations of what they will do and the opportunities a child will have is already limited by society’s understanding of what is right, what is acceptable and what is possible for children who are defined as female and those who are defined as male.

These definitions change over time and vary from culture to culture. There was a time when pink was seen as a boy’s colour and blue was seen as a girl’s colour. There are cultures where cooking is seen as the duty of men and women are not allowed in the kitchen.

People claim that there are inherent gender differences which is the reason for differences in gender roles. However, most gender differences are socially constructed.

The choices that we make and the decisions that we make in life are based on the expectations of other people.

The decision to stop binary definitions of gender is one that says ‘do not define me by your views of gender’, it says ‘my decisions, my life choices reflect me, not my gender’.

The decision to stop binary definitions of gender is one that does not give genders to items of clothing, job roles or issues. Dresses and skirts are just dresses and skirts. Science is open to all. Women’s issues are issues for all of humanity.







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